Michael Rees

As CCR Technology Partners’ Senior Technology Engineer, Michael Rees is a seasoned, results-driven IT professional with over twenty-five years in the information technology field. A graduate of Purdue University, Mr. Rees’ skillset includes Local
& Wide Area Networks, Routers and Firewalls. His knowledge of Cisco & HP Edge Devices plays a role in enhancing network security and design. Mr. Rees has worked in a wide variety of business environments, diverse technologies and strategic services. He and his team assess and advises clients on direction & strategy.


Jennifer Holden

CCR’s Director of Operations, Jennifer Holden is trained and skilled in delivery of services and coordinating resources where they’re needed most. Her attention to detail began during her days as an Internet Consultant with AutoTrader.com and furthered at Monster.com. She has broad experience designing and coordinating the installation of telecommunication systems and carriers. Ms. Holden’s sixteen years in the IT industry further her mission as a client advocate from within.


Gene Olson

Upon completion of his tour of duty with the US Armed Forces, Gene Olson spent the next 25 years in the broadcasting industry as a TV news anchor and radio personality, most recently with the largest broadcast company in the world, Clear Channel Communications.

As the founder, President & CEO of CCRTechnologyPartners, Inc., Mr. Olson’s focus shifted to Information Technology where he assembled some of the best and brightest minds from within the technology community. He and his organization have built an impressive client list within the Healthcare, Educational, Financial and Private Sector Communities.

Over the years, Mr. Olson has been involved in numerous civic and not-for-profit organizations and continues to be a featured speaker, MC and host at events.