Strategy & Advice


CIO Tactical Strategies & Advice

Working with you, CCR develops a long term strategic plan to simplify your technology environment, improve reliability and minimize exposure to risk and liabilities. Quarterly reviews, real-time analysis, budgeting strategies and “best practices” are all a part of this overall solution. Now you can acquire CIO level talent & experience at a fraction of the cost.

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Data Services


CCR Managed IT

Insure maximum uptime and reliability of your in-house IT operation through CCR’s Managed Services. Real-time remote  monitoring of essential services such as CPU & memory utilization, load, backups and more are efficiently delivered in a budget saving solution. CCR’s managed services is a great first step towards a complete Disaster Recovery (DR) solution.

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CCR Outsourced Services

Until now, many companies have been too small to afford their own in-house technology departments. At CCR we’ve changed all that. CCRTechnologyPartners can show you how to get the most out of your technology dollar by using the same strategy large corporations use. Reduce head count, improve productivity and scalability. CCR has numerous support options scaled to meet your needs and budget.

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CCR Helpdesk Services

CCR has implemented an extensive call management system that tracks service performance and adherence to specified service level objectives. This system allows for built in call escalation to route resources to where they’re needed most.  This system captures all pertinent information such as start times, problems found, resolution and other criteria as deemed necessary by your organization.

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Data Management

How you store and retrieve data can be as varied as the types of data needing stored. More importantly, will the data be there when it’s needed? CCRTechnologyPartners employs a “best practices” strategy wherein multiple layers and safety nets are utilized to secure your data. Disk, optical, RAID, SAN, cloud, clustering and co-server technologies are all a part of CCR’s data management strategies.

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Disaster Recovery

There’s a good chance your business will suffer a major event at some point in it’s lifetime. Fire, flood, theft, tornado, water sprinkler system or electrical power spikes are all a possibility. One in four businesses never reopen their doors after suffering a disaster event. The BIG question: Are you and your business prepared for the worst?

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Cloud & Virtual Office


CCR Cloud Services

Let CCR Technology Partners show you how cloud technology can work for you. Gain easier remote access, increased computing power, collaboration and scalability for those who have multiple offices. Cloud computing, is it right for you? You won’t know until you give CCR technology Partners a call.

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Virtual Office & Mobile Computing

Imagine traveling the globe, having your entire office appear at your fingertips. A single source solution where your all your emails, voice mails and faxes magically appear on one device.   While we’re at it, let’s add telecom so your receptionist can forward calls directly to you as simply as forwarding calls to your internal office extension. With CCR’s Virtual Office & Mobile Computing solutions, you can.

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Telecom & Cabling



CCR Technology Partners knows telephony and connectivity. Whether traditional, Voice over IP, or hybrid telephone systems, leverage CCR’s expertise to create a single, unified telecom strategy. CCR will analyze your current needs and help you select the best system at an affordable price.

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Infrastructure Wiring

CCRTechnologyPartners can pre-wire a new building or retro fit an older existing building by running Cat 5 twisted pair for phones, Cat 5e, Cat 6 or fiber for data, HDMI or coax for video conferencing. CCR also wires and installs security camera systems and overhead paging systems for warehouses. CCR has the experience from designing small data closets to complete data centers.

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Wireless Access

Want to disconnect the data cable? Then you need a Wireless Access Point or WAP for short. CCR can design and install a secured, private wireless network just for your business while creating a “public” wireless network for visitors to utilize. Wireless gives your office personnel mobility to move around freely within main work areas, conference rooms or break room. Improve your productivity with wireless access from CCR.

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